"Domain Renewal and Deletion Procedures" 


Domain operations are conducted within the framework of procedures set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an internationally organized body responsible for Internet Assigned Numbers and Names.


These procedures are established by the relevant authorities, and they are non-negotiable, globally applicable rules for all domain extensions.


After the expiration of the registration period, domains lose all management rights. Vital moderation actions, such as contact information editing or DNS changes, cannot be executed for expired domains. To avoid such situations, it is highly advisable to renew the domain before its expiration.


Complete loss of domain ownership occurs at the end of an 80-day period. If the renewal process is not initiated within this timeframe, the ownership of the domain is entirely lost.


In the case of a domain reaching the end of its registration period without the initiation of the redemption process, leading to the loss of ownership and the domain becoming available, it can be re-registered by any user according to the extension policies.


Domain Procedures


1. Active Status:


   - The domain is registered and has not entered any drop phases.


   - At any point during this process, the domain owner can renew the domain at the regular pricing.


   - All management operations for the domain can be performed.


2. On-Hold Status:


   - Domains in this status are indicated with "registrar-hold" in the WHOIS query result.


   - After the registration period expires, domains first enter the on-hold status.


   - For com/net/info extensions that have entered the on-hold status, go1online.com provides an additional 5-day renewal period.


   - During these 5 days, customers can renew their domains at regular pricing.


   - If renewal is not done within the first 5 days after the defined period by go1onlinethe renewal fee for the next 40 days is $17.99, and after 40 days, it is $99.


   - The on-hold status lasts for a total of 45 days (this status does not apply to all extensions).


3. Redemption Period:


   - This period is created by ICANN to give the domain owner a last chance to renew the domain after the on-hold status ends.


   - During this period, the domain owner is subject to the "restore + renew" fee of $99.


   - This period lasts for a total of 30 days.


4. Pending Delete:


   - This is a 5-day period that starts after the redemption period.


   - During this period, the domain owner has no right to reclaim the domain.


   - At the end of this process, the domain is completely deleted and becomes available for new registration.


As mentioned in the above processes, a domain can be re-registered within 80 days if the registration is not renewed.


* The grace period, renewal fees, and restore fees vary depending on the domain extension. For more detailed information on the processes, you can visit http://www.icann.org/en/registrars/eddp.htm.


Warnings and Reminders


go1online.com sends alert messages to the email address and mobile phone registered in your system membership, reminding you of the expiration of your domain and encouraging you to place renewal orders. You can also track and renew expiring domains in your panel using the provided username and password.


Regardless of the circumstances, our company does not accept responsibility for expired domains, as the necessary infrastructure has been provided for managing expired domain situations.


For policies regarding the repurchase of expired domain names, please visit RNAP.


Our Recommendations to Customers


Our recommendation at go1online.com is for domain users to opt for longer registration periods, especially for domains with a corporate identity or important domains related to their businesses. This helps prevent any issues, and we advise users to renew their domains in a timely manner without delay.

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