Return policy


**Return Policy**


At go1online, we strive to provide quality products and services to our customers. We understand that there may be instances where you need to return a product. Please read our return policy carefully to ensure a smooth process.


**Return Conditions:**


1. The service has not been initiated.


2. The product to be returned is in a resalable condition with the same quality and quantity.


3. The customer notifies go1online in writing within 7 calendar days after the purchase.


4. No previous successful return requests for the same product or product group within the last 1 (one) year.


5. To facilitate the return process, the customer must fill out the return request form found in the bottom section of the invoice and send it to Returns without a completed return request form will not be processed.


6. If go1online is unable to deliver products/services (e.g., registration, renewal, installation, etc.), and there is no response to cancellation or return information due to outdated or incorrect contact information provided by the customer, go1online will refund the amount to the customer's existing credit account in the system.


**Products Not Eligible for Return:**


1. Domains (domain names)


2. Brand Registration Service and Fees


3. Any kind of consultancy and brokerage services


4. Any kind of technical support services


5. Products acquired through third-party suppliers


6. Any kind of free services and/or products


7. Installed or activated SSL certificates


**Return Procedure:**


Upon meeting the specified return conditions, go1online will process the return within 15 (fifteen) business days according to the following procedures:


**Cash Refunds:**


For products requiring customization, technical support, shipping, bank commissions, and other operational fees that cannot be refunded in cash due to their nature, these fees will be deducted from the initially paid amount, and the remaining balance will be refunded in cash.


**Return as Store Credit:**


The sales proceeds related to the requested return, after deducting shipping and other third-party actual costs, will be allocated as store credit for the customer's future purchases without any additional deductions.


**Submitting a Return Request:**


Customers must submit return requests within 7 (seven) calendar days after the purchase, including the following details:


1. Product/service subject to return


2. Reason for return (if any)


3. Preferred refund method (cash or store credit)


Submit the details, using the verified email address associated with the customer's go1online account, to


**Terms for Installments, Credit Card Campaigns, and Point Usage:**


Returns are not possible for gift vouchers or any discount applications. Bank commissions and credit card program points are non-refundable. Procedures related to credit card applications may vary based on the policies of banks and financial institutions.


**Foreign Currency Transactions:**


Regardless of the currency in which go1online sells its products and services, return transactions will be conducted in Turkish Lira (TRY) based on the amount collected at the time of purchase.


**Rejection of Return Request:**


go1online reserves the right to reject return requests that do not comply with the previously stated return policies.


**Withdrawal from Return Request:**


Customers have the right to withdraw from a return request until the return is completed.


**Dispute and Objection Right:**


In case of a dispute, go1online will follow the laws of the country where it is established. Legal proceedings will be conducted in the courts of that country. These return policies are binding for individuals and/or entities acting as final consumers with go1online. By making a purchase through go1online, everyone is considered to have accepted these terms in advance.

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